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Camel Milk

Camel Milk

Camel Milk Chocolate
Camel Milk Chocolate



Camel milk chocolate

Alnassma, Dubai based company started selling world’s first camel milk’s chocolate since late 2008 in Dubai and planning to expand its operations in US, UK, Europe and Japan. Alnassma Company has 3000 camels in its dairy farm in Dubai and has a store attached to its farm, where it sells camel milk chocolate and these chocolates are available in Dubai Malls like Emirates Mall and luxury hotels.

All Camel milk chocolates are produced without preservatives or chemical additives with combination of popular Arabic spices, nuts and honey.

Varieties of Camel milk chocolates:

Camel Milk Chocolate with whole milk

Camel milk Chocolate with Spices Arabia

Camel Milk Chocolate with Dates

Camel Milk Chocolate with Macadamia, Nuts and Orange

Bittersweet Camel Milk Chocolate with 70% cocoa


Something Special about Camel’s Milk

Camel Milk contains five times more vitamin C than cow’s milk, less fat, less lactose and more insulin, which makes it like an alternative medicine for diabetic and lactose intolerant people. A major selling point in efforts to market camel milk to Europe, China and North America is the beverage’s lack of lactose: Lactose intolerance-sufferers can drink camel milk with no problems at all.

Where do you get it?

From the source, in Dubai.

Harrods’s department Store, in London, UK

Chocolate Covered, 4069 24thstreet (between Castro St. & noes St.) San Francisco, US

By: Aslam Jeelani

Camel Milk Chocolate

Camel Milk Chocolate


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